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A Fuggler fansite featuring Fuggler news, a complete list of Fugglers for sale, Fuggler collecting tips and more!

FuggLife.com is a fan-site for Fugglers! What is a Fuggler? Fugglers are creepy and cute looking little stuffed animals with grimace expressions, human-like teeth and button-holes! Fugglers are mischievous little monsters, ready to adopt into your collection!

There are going to be over 40 Fugglers available, each with its unique style and all with crazy human-like teeth. Some fugglers are furry, some have button eyes, bright colors, gap teeth and some even glow in the dark!

With so many Fugglers to choose from it might be hard to decide which Fuggler to adopt. Choose wisely but also choose quickly and adopt it right away, each Fuggler will only be produced once before it is vaulted. Adopt one Fuggler or collect them all at your own risk!

This website is new and a work in progress, please check back often for news, updates and more features!

Did you know that Fugglers have names? Each Fuggler is given a name however it can be hard to find out what each Fugglers name is. FuggLife is working on a list of Fuggler names as we discover them. Please check out our list of Fuggler names by following the link below.

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Watch the Suspicious Fox Fuggler in the wild, playing music far too loudly.

The rare chase Mr. Buttons has a unique way of waking you up in the morning.