Where to Buy Fugglers

With so many Fugglers available, it's important to know where to buy Fugglers so that you can find the perfect Fuggler for you!

Fugg Life has put together a list of Fuggler retailers and websites where you can find a Fuggler to adopt. We will keep this list updated as new retailers and websites start selling Fugglers! We hope this list of retailers helps to bring you together with your Fuggler soul-mate. And as a collector, we hope this list helps you to find the Fugglers you are currently seeking. Happy shopping and happy collecting!

Official Fuggler Retailers

Most of these retailers have Fugglers available for sale in their stores and websites, in-store availability will vary depending upon your region.

Some retailer websites sell Fugglers individually by name, which means you can select the Fuggler you want. Other retailer websites are listing Fugglers under one listing which means you don't know which Fuggler you will receive, and if you order multiple Fugglers you might receive duplicates.

FYE Logo


Sold individually by Fuggler name.

Barnes & Noble Logo

Barnes & Noble

Sold by Fuggler size, random selection.

Think Geek Logo

Think Geek

Not yet available for sale online.

Spin Master Logo

Spin Master

Sold by Fuggler size, random selection.

Target Logo


Sold individually by Fuggler name.

Target Fuggler DPCI codes and website listings.

GameStop Logo


Sold by Fuggler size, random selection.

Hot Topic Logo

Hot Topic

Sold by Fuggler size, random selection.

Third-party marketplaces where you can buy Fugglers.

eBay logo


eBay has almost all of the currently available Fugglers for sale in their marketplace, however be prepared to pay a higher price for the rare and hard to find Fugglers.

Amazon logo


Amazon third-party sellers don't yet have nearly as many listings as eBay but more Fugglers for sale are added every day.

Fugglers are now available at Walmart, but in store only! Thee are just now rolling out and have yet to be spotted in-store but they should arrive any day.

You can also find Fugglers for sale at Walmart in Canada, both in stores and online.