Fugglers for sale on Target.com

Sorry ... FUGGLERS Are No Longer Sold by Target ... for now..

On Target's website you can buy Fugglers individually by name. Inventory comes and goes quickly so if it's out of stock be sure to check back often for new inventory to be added. Target let's you set up inventory alerts, but I've found those to be unreliable. If you are searching for a specific Fuggler, your best bet is to keep an eye on the listing, refreshing it randomly throughout the day when you have time, hopefully it will be restocked soon.

Listed below are links to all the Fugglers for sale on Target.com as well as the Target DPCI for each Fuggler.. Please let us know if any of the links are no longer valid and we will get it updated asap!

Nine Inch "Medium" Fugglers on Target.com

The following 9" Fugglers are no longer available on Target.com. It could be that these are indefinitely sold-out and/or vaulted.

Twelve Inch "Deluxe" Fuggler on Target.com