Indecisive Monster Fuggler directory listing for the 9" medium Indecisive Monster Fuggler and all known Indecisive Monster Fuggler variants.

A Fuggler variant is another version of the same Fuggler. Variants can sometimes have different colors, fabrics, and eyes. There are currently two known Indecisive Monster Fuggler variants available.

Indecisive Monster Fuggler

  • Variant Count: 2
  • Size: 9"

Fuggler Species Characteristics

  • Teeth: A horror show.
  • Butt: Pungent.
  • Likes: Explosives, glitter, bird watching, tuna sandwiches, tickling.
Fuggler - Orange Indecisive Monster - front view.

Indecisive Monster variant 1

  • Fuggler Name: Indecisive Monster- Orange
  • Fabric: Bright orange felt.
  • Eyes: 2 button eyes. 1 large green button eye and 1 smaller orange button eye.
  • Mouth: Red felt fabric.
  • Teeth: 6 total. All on top.
  • Product UPC: 778988147511
  • Walmart SKU: Not yet listed on
  • Target DPCI: 323-01-1917
  • Fuggler Series: First wave. Series 1.
  • Notes: There are some slight manufacturing variants for the orange Indecisive Monster. Some versions have a darker colored button eyes than the official version shown in advertisements.
Orange Indecisive Monster Fuggler manufacturing variations
Side-by-side photo taken to show the color difference between the eyes of these Indecisive Monster Fugglers. Photo courtesy of Marcus Sales. Thanks Marcus!
Fuggler - Orange Indecisive Monster - side view
Fuggler - Orange Indecisive Monster - in box.
Fuggler - Orange Indecisive Monster - with certificate.

Fuggler - Blue Indecisive Monster - Front

Indecisive Monster variant 2

  • Fuggler Name: Indecisive Monster- Periwinkle Blue
  • Fabric: Light periwinkle blue.
  • Eyes: 2 button eyes. 1 large pink and grey double button eye and 1 smaller purple button eye.
  • Mouth: Blue felt fabric.
  • Teeth: 6 total. All on top.
  • Product UPC: 778988158357
  • Walmart SKU: 972451818
  • Target DPCI: 323-01-0709
  • Fuggler Series: Third wave, Series 3.
Fuggler - Blue Indecisive Monster - Side
Fuggler - Blue Indecisive Monster - In box.
Fuggler - Blue Indecisive Monster - with certificate.

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