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Use the links below to find a specific Fuggler for sale on eBay as well as more information about that Fuggler.

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Purple Felt Annoyed Alien
Furry Purple Grumpy Grumps
Grey Oogah Boogah
Red Sir Horns Alot
Blue Fur Annoyed Alien
Orange Felt Indecisive Monster
Blue Oogah Boogah
Blue Sir Horns Alot
Brown Fur Annoyed Alien
Periwinkle Blue Felt Indecisive Monster
Green Rabid Rabbit
Periwinkle Light Blue Sketchy Squirrel
Red Felt Awkward Bear
Yellow Felt Indecisive Monster
Fuzzy Dark Brown Rabid Rabbit
Brown Sketchy Squirrel
Yellow Orange Felt Awkward Bear Fuggler
Blue Felt Lil'Demon Fuggler
Fuzzy Grey White Sasquoosh
Dark Grey Squidge
Blue Teddy Bear Nightmare
Blue Felt Awkward Bear Fuggler
Purple Felt Lil'Demon
Furry Brown Sasquoosh
Green Squidge
Dark Red Furry Wide Eyed Weirdo
Furry Purple Clawey
Fuzzy Brown Fur Lil Demon
Fuzzy Grey Brown Sickening Sloth
Blue Suspicious Fox
Light Grey Wide Eyed Weirdo
Furry Red Clawey
Brown Felt Mr. Buttons
Light Blue Sickening Sloth
Red Suspicious Fox
Grey Felt Clawey
Brown Burlap CHASE Mr. Buttons
Green Felt Sickening Sloth
Black Burlap CHASE Suspicious Fox
Turquoise Blue GapTooth McGoo
Furry Orange Yellow Mr. Buttons
Blue Sir Belch
Brown Felt Teddy Bear Nightmare
Grey GapTooth McGoo
Fuzzy Grey White Munch Munch
Bright Orange Sir Belch
Fuzzy Brown Teddy Bear Nightmare
Yellow Grumpy Grumps
Green Felt Munch Munch
Bright Green Sir Horns Alot
Light Brown Burlap CHASE Teddy Bear Nightmare

eBay is a great place to buy Fugglers if you don't mind paying a little more for the rare and hard to find Fugglers, but not always.

If you keep your eyes open there are great deals, with free shipping, to be found. And, even paying an extra few bucks isn't so bad when you consider the selection, delivery to your home and in some cases, better packaging than if it were bought from the retailer. Be sure to find a seller with good feedback, a well-written description and good photos of the Fuggler for sale.